July 2007


This is hardly a gourmet recipe, but it was super easy and tasted surprisingly great.  I assumed that since it was a throw-together dish using ingredients like “bullion” it would be “eh” at best (espcially since the vegetables had been sitting, pre-cut, in the refrigerator for at least 4 days).  It was not “eh.”  It was superb.




Alas, this fantastic quiche was gobbled up before we could train a camera on it.  As such, the photo here is from La Tartine Gourmande, where we got the recipe in the first place. 

We had a potluck to attend and thought quiche would be the perfect thing to bring and share.  We needed to continue using both kale and zucchina from our CSA box, so this is the recipe we ended up using with our own slight modifications.  The quiche was a HUGE hit, and even Gastronomike, who doesn’t typically like quiches much, gave it the thumbs up.



If you have some ready-made gnocchi laying around, this is an easy and tasty dinner. If we make it again, I’d leave the gorgonzola out of the mixing and let people add as they’d like. As it was, it was too much cheese for my taste, and not enough for R.’s. This could also be made with chicken, sausage, or even something like tofu. And something tells me that adding some crushed red pepper would be excellent, as well.



Part of the fun (and part of the challenge) of our CSA farmshare is figuring out ways to use up all the fresh vegetables (many of which we’ve never used before) so none of the food goes to waste. We’ve been getting tired of the chard salads, so this side dish was an opportunity to try something new. When we made spring rolls for the picnic (see recipe here) we had a ton of leftover carrots and cabbage. So, I googled around a bit and adapted a couple of recipes (original recipes here and here). The carrots & chard was alright, although R. and I both agreed that the sauce could be improved. We discussed perhaps a more lemony/peppery flavor, instead of the spiciness that almost overpowered our delicious fresh carrots. The cabbage dish, however, was wonderful. The fresh garlic we had, along with the ground pepper and sea salt made for a surprisingly nuanced taste with the just slightly carmelized vegetables. We’ll definitely make it again!


Kale & Tomato Pasta

Earlier this summer, R. & I started a running program together, and unfortunately slacked a bit through June.  This week we’ve been trying to get ourselves back into running, which has meant a lot less time for cooking.  Tonight’s pasta is very much like the Kale & Bean recipe we made yesterday, but we added a bit of basil and red wine for a little different taste.  I liked it better than last night, R. liked it less.  Still, along with a chard salad, it made for a pretty healthy quick dish. (more…)




Pressed Sandwiches

Last night I sat down with the July issue of Martha Stewart magazine to do something I have never done before: make a recipe from it. We had plans to picnic with friends today and I wanted to make something nice.


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