Recently, when out to dinner with some friends, we got to talking about how our respective farm shares forced us to make things we’d never expected. When you suddenly have three giant cabbages and a drawer full of beets in your fridge, you need to get inventive. Jon mentioned a borscht recipe, and sent it along to us. It was really easy to make–literally throw everything into one giant bubbling pot–and extremely satisfying. R & I both sort of regretted not being able to enjoy it on a cold winter night.

Here we go, our first Guestronomic (that creaking you hear is that pun!) recipe, from our old buddy old pal The Ithacarian.


Beets (you want the taste of beets to be at the forefront here, so gauge the quantities of the rest of the veggies with the thought in mind that there should be as much beets as the other stuff combined)
Cabbage – half a big head, or a whole small head.
Carrots – three maybe?
Potatoes (one big one or two small/medium)
onion (one big or two small/medium)
Radishes (if you have them, not too many though)
Sour Cream (for garnish)
Beef stock (either the premade stuff or made from boullion)
slices of beef, if you have them and want them in there
Apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar (sub with other vinegar if needed)
dill, fresh or dried


1. Prepare beef stock (boil beef in stock if you’ll have beef in the soup, remove beef from stock after it is cooked)
2. Rough chop beets and throw them in stock to simmer/boil.
3. Once they’ve softened and the broth is turned a little purple, throw in the rest of your (roughly chopped) root vegetables to soften.
4. Add the cabbage, which you will have by now chopped.
5. Once everything is softened get out the stick blender and beat the broth and veggies to your desired consistency (i like it kinda thick.)

6. Check the taste… if it seems on the weak side you can add more beef boullion.

7. Add vinegar to taste. You want the sharpness of the vinegar to complement the pulpy/dull taste of those root vegetables. Add dill to taste.

8. Once you like the taste you can add your beef.

9. Garnish with a dab of sour cream and more dill.