While we do a pretty good job faking our way around the kitchen, when it comes to the grill, R. & I are ridiculously inept.  But the only way to get better is to practice, right?  Tonight, with the beginning of classes right around the corner, we gave it the old college try and wound up with our third straight meal that garnered enthusiastic thumbs-up from the both of us.

The tenderloin was fairly simple–we just gave it a liberal dusting of Dinosaur BBQ Cajun Spice Rub and plunked it down over the charcoal.  The potatoes, however, were a bit of an adventure, inspired by this recipe from figswithbri.  Both wound up being delicious, really complimenting one another.  The pork was extremely tender and spicy, whereas the potatoes were smooth and (with the dill & farm-share carrots) really fresh tasting.


  • Small head of Garlic
  • 2-3 pounds potatoes
  • 3-4 small carrots
  • 3 tbsp fresh dill
  • olive oil
  • 1/2 cup skim milk (the original recipe calls for buttermilk, but we didn’t have any handy).
  • 4 tbsp butter/margarine
  • sea salt & cracked pepper


Douse the garlic with oil, wrap in aluminum foil, and toss it on the grill.  Get this started early, as it’ll need some time to roast.

Roughly cube the potatoes (you can peel them if you like, but I rather like them with their skins) and toss them into a salted pot of boiling water.  Chop the carrots into the pot, as well.

When the potatoes & carrots are softened to your liking, retrieve the garlic, peel off the skins, and mash the soft flesh in a small bowl.

Drain off the water from the potatoes/carrots, & add the butter & garlic.  Mash, then mix in the chopped dill.  Add salt & pepper liberally, to taste.