April 2009


R. had taken over the meals for a few weeks to let me focus on a lecture I had to write.  In return, I’ve been trying to make some special meals for her this week.  Since I love to try new seared tenderloin recipes (and since she wasn’t there to see me sneaking chocolate into dinner), I went for this recipe.  It was really good, something I want to try again.  In the recipe below I’ve decided to cut the salt in half (it was a bit overpowering in ours, and beyond that probably unnecessary with all the other flavors involved).  The rice was a real revelation–just dropped some cloves, cardamom and cinnamon in the rice maker and it made a real difference.




Most of the time we try to keep this blog focused on moderately healthy meals.  This is an exception.  There’s really nothing healthy about this, but after a pretty hectic couple of weeks for the both of us, it hit the spot.

We’ve tried lots of baked & stovetop macaroni & cheese recipes in the past, but all of them seemed to be mising something.  So I started from an Alton Brown recipe, dialed up the seasoning and added paprika and chiles, and wound up with a winner, if I do say so myself.



I totally forget the recipe for this one.  Judging by the picture it was diced tomato, white beans, potato, celery, onion, carrot, salt & pepper, and maybe spinach.  I wouldn’t have put it up at all but I just liked the picture.  Experiment on your own!