July 2009

When R. and I were on a road trip last month, we stayed at her aunt’s house and enjoyed some cable television (a rare luxury!).  We happened to catch “All Star Grillfest” on the Food Network, which caught my eye since it was at my old stomping grounds on South Beach.  Since I am a huge fan of pork tenderloin, this recipe stuck in the back of my mind.  We did a little adaptation, substituting this and that, and it was still tremendous.  I just had some leftovers and I repeatedly exclaimed to myself over how delicious it is.  We had a few snags making it, but expect it will go much smoother next time, and it should only take about 30-40 minutes! We’ll definitely make this again.





We had been planning to take a picnic dinner over to campus and watch the movie on the quad tonight with all the Summer Start students.  We’ve done that every year since we’ve been here and always really enjoyed it (despite the run of terrible movies they’ve chosen in recent years).  But today it’s cold and has been raining all day.  The university obviously has an alternate rain location and the event is going on as planned, but for us most of the fun is in watching the movie en plein air.  So instead, we stayed home and ate our picnic dinner at the kitchen table.  Here you see a combination of rice-paper rolls with veggies and noodles inside, and collard leaf rolls with spiced chicken inside, along with peanut sauce for dipping.  We still have about half of this meal left in the fridge right now– I guess that’s what happens when you don’t slowly munch on it for the duration of a movie.  I’m looking forward to finishing it tomorrow for lunch.



We’ve only made curries from scratch a few times, and I think this was the biggest success.  R absolutely loved it, I think I would add half cashews or maybe even raisins in the last 5-10 minutes when we make it again.  But make no mistake, that’s “when” and not “if.”  Recipe via Epicurious.



I have never had a rhubarb pie before, so when R. spontaneously decided to make one the other day, I was BLOWN AWAY with how good it is.  The strange thing is, I remember feeling the same way whenever I had rhubarb for the first time, in a rhubarb chicken we made one or two summers ago.  From these two encounters I currently cannot fathom how rhubarb isn’t the #1 best-selling bit of produce in these great United States.  Fast food restaurants should have rhubarb sides, there should be Rhubarb Now & Laters, etc.  So weird that rhubarb is both extremely delicious, easy to cook with, and yet still fairly obscure as a foodstuff.  Bogus. (more…)


Not exactly a tough recipe.  Just used the leftover asparagus puree along with some zucchini, kale and mizzuna for toppings.  Tasted great, though.


So during the weeks around our vacation, we got lazy and wound up making a bunch of pizzas.  Some of these are with mizuna, some with kale.  Some with home made dough, don’t remember which.  They definitely look good though…we’re getting better with the pizza peel and stone we got for christmas!