It’s been so cool and rainy out that a nice hot bowl of soup and chunk of homemade bread sounded perfect.



I’d say that both of these recipes were pretty big successes, though there are definitely tweaks Gastronomike and I want to make for next time.



A couple of weeks ago Gastronomike and I were given a starter for “Amish Friendship Bread” from another graduate student we know. It’s a yeasty, runny, milk-flour-sugar mixture that you feed for 10 days, at which time you’ll have enough starter for 5 loaves of bread. On the 10th day you’re supposed to: measure off 1 unit of starter to keep as your own starter; measure off 1 unit of starter to bake a loaf of bread for yourself; measure off 3 units of starter to give to 3 friends, so they can enjoy the pleasures of home-baked bread. Mike and I are apparently not friendly people, for today was the 10th day, and we did not measure out a single unit of starter to share with anyone. Instead, we baked up all the units of starter for ourselves and ended up with a veritable cornucopia of delicious breads.

The two darker loaves at the back of the photo are the basic “Amish Friendship Bread” recipe that came with our starter. The smaller biscuits at the upper right are a variation we found on the internet called “Sourdough-style Biscuits” and the bevy of small yellow loaves in the foreground and to the right are all “Amish Corn Bread.”