I have never had a rhubarb pie before, so when R. spontaneously decided to make one the other day, I was BLOWN AWAY with how good it is.  The strange thing is, I remember feeling the same way whenever I had rhubarb for the first time, in a rhubarb chicken we made one or two summers ago.  From these two encounters I currently cannot fathom how rhubarb isn’t the #1 best-selling bit of produce in these great United States.  Fast food restaurants should have rhubarb sides, there should be Rhubarb Now & Laters, etc.  So weird that rhubarb is both extremely delicious, easy to cook with, and yet still fairly obscure as a foodstuff.  Bogus. (more…)


Try as I might, I couldn’t get through all the amazingly delicious strawberries I got from the farm share this week. Not having R. here this week makes eating all the produce a real challenge. So, rather than freeze the strawberries (which always winds up a disappointment), and since it’ll be a few days until we’re ready to make bread again (the yeast is still growing) I decided to make some muffins this morning. I did a quick search for “best muffins ever” and came up with this recipe, then upped the ante by making it vegan (just use soy milk, and leave out the egg altogether.) If I were to do it over again, I would’ve added some cinnamon and just a little vanilla. But it’s muffins galore for me until then!



Well, since the school year started it’s been difficult for us to find time to really cook, much less post our recipes.

Over the weekend we took the time to make some holiday treats, however.  The recipe is for a “cake” but we used a set of miniature holiday molds to make a series of individual cakes in the shapes of wreaths and Christmas trees.