No recipe on this one, either.  Catfish was dusted with a cajun spice rub we had on hand (if you want to make your own it’s garlic powder, salt, paprika, onion powder, cayenne, and a little bit of cumin & black pepper) then baked at 375 for about 20 minutes.  Vegetables were potatoes, roasted red peppers and sugar snap peas steamed with a bit of oil and some oregano.  Rice was boring ol’ white rice.  Easy, but quite good.

You can tell we drastically cut back on the rub since the tilapia last time.  Far fewer tears were shed over this meal.



People who know me well know of my restaurant eccentricities.  I really don’t like ordering something that somebody else at the table has already ordered.  So whenever I go out to a Thai restaurant, that essentially means that Pad Thai is right out (since inevitably someone else always orders it).  As a result, I’ve had quite a variety of Thai dishes I probably wouldn’t have tried anyway.  Gaprow is one of my favorites, and I’ve wanted to make it on my own for a while now.  This was a surprisingly easy dish, and came out fabulously.



Not a lot of preparation for this one, but it delivers.


This made an excellent lunch. Light, easy, and a great way to use up several cucumbers that were past their prime. I did make the unfortunate choice to use soup pasta that happens to be shaped exactly like cucumber seeds, and so it was easy to perceive all the pasta as seeds.  But that’s easily fixed for next time.  I’d say this is yet another winner from the great soup-only cookbook.


Tonight we made a delicious gumbo out of all the vegetables that have been languishing in our refrigerator for the past two weeks while we’ve been busy on campus.


Recently, when out to dinner with some friends, we got to talking about how our respective farm shares forced us to make things we’d never expected. When you suddenly have three giant cabbages and a drawer full of beets in your fridge, you need to get inventive. Jon mentioned a borscht recipe, and sent it along to us. It was really easy to make–literally throw everything into one giant bubbling pot–and extremely satisfying. R & I both sort of regretted not being able to enjoy it on a cold winter night.

Here we go, our first Guestronomic (that creaking you hear is that pun!) recipe, from our old buddy old pal The Ithacarian.


Can’t say there was much to this recipe–we just loaded up 2 aluminum foil pouches and sat them on the grill for 40 minutes.  One with scallions, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, lemon juice, oil, rosemary and thyme.  The other with potatoes, onion, and a bit of salt & butter.  Then we plunked down some fish–trout–with a little bit of butter to finish it all.

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