People who know me well know of my restaurant eccentricities.  I really don’t like ordering something that somebody else at the table has already ordered.  So whenever I go out to a Thai restaurant, that essentially means that Pad Thai is right out (since inevitably someone else always orders it).  As a result, I’ve had quite a variety of Thai dishes I probably wouldn’t have tried anyway.  Gaprow is one of my favorites, and I’ve wanted to make it on my own for a while now.  This was a surprisingly easy dish, and came out fabulously.




We have a lot of leftover ginger from the Christmas Ginger Cakes that we made this week.  That, along with the squash we’ve had sitting around since our Farm Share ended, needed to get used before we both left for our holiday travels.  Although this dish looks kind of revolting, it tastes pretty great, and is super-easy! (more…)