We’ve only made curries from scratch a few times, and I think this was the biggest success.  R absolutely loved it, I think I would add half cashews or maybe even raisins in the last 5-10 minutes when we make it again.  But make no mistake, that’s “when” and not “if.”  Recipe via Epicurious.




Not exactly a tough recipe.  Just used the leftover asparagus puree along with some zucchini, kale and mizzuna for toppings.  Tasted great, though.


A while back R. picked up a vegetarian cookbook called Super Natural Cooking.  We picked this recipe out a while ago, and I think it could be a real go-to meal over the summer.  If you make the asparagus puree (which was very close to an asparagus pesto) ahead of time it would be something you could literally throw together in five minutes, and it’s really good.  I only wish we would have had the pine nuts that the recipe called for!  This could probably also be easily adapted productively.  You could add sausage, or capers,  or even sun dried tomatoes.


R. is really into making soups, and today she was totally set on making a lentil soup. So we went into our soup cookbook and basically picked one at random. It wound up being pretty great, although when we make this again, we’re definitely going to make it spicier.   Maybe by doubling the garlic, or upping the salt & pepper, or even adding some chili powder.  We ate it with a nice crusty asiago bread from the co-op.  It took like 30 minutes to make!