R. is out of town visiting family, and I’m all by myself with a whole farm share all to myself.  With her away, I’m free to try out some wacky stuff, as there’s nobody around to pay for my failed experiments.

Last week when looking around for garlic scape recipes (they’re almost ALWAYS pestos), I came across this little number from Open Source Cooking.  Now, I don’t have any green curry, and between the e. coli scare and the fact that our own tomato plants haven’t yet produced anything, I was going to need to do some adaptation.

The result was a middling success, with some potential.  i used carrots instead of tomatoes, but they just didn’t deliver–tomatoes, peppers, or some other flavor-heavy ingredient would likely do the trick.  The mint, however, was both the biggest gamble and the most satisfying payoff of the day.  The crispness was a nice contrast to the lip-tingling spiciness of the curry.  I had it with a ginger-clove rice, some sourdough friendship bread I made yesterday, and a Middle Ages Tripel Crown.