Part of the fun (and part of the challenge) of our CSA farmshare is figuring out ways to use up all the fresh vegetables (many of which we’ve never used before) so none of the food goes to waste. We’ve been getting tired of the chard salads, so this side dish was an opportunity to try something new. When we made spring rolls for the picnic (see recipe here) we had a ton of leftover carrots and cabbage. So, I googled around a bit and adapted a couple of recipes (original recipes here and here). The carrots & chard was alright, although R. and I both agreed that the sauce could be improved. We discussed perhaps a more lemony/peppery flavor, instead of the spiciness that almost overpowered our delicious fresh carrots. The cabbage dish, however, was wonderful. The fresh garlic we had, along with the ground pepper and sea salt made for a surprisingly nuanced taste with the just slightly carmelized vegetables. We’ll definitely make it again!